Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shit I Never Say...

I just love working out.

Oh no thank you I hate fast food.

Aren't these Crocs cute?

I make too much money.

You couldn't pay me to go back to College!

Guys with long hair are so sexy.

I just miss high school so much.

Just eating Veggies today.

Let's make a Starbucks run.

Spray tanning makes you orange.

I never even get on Pinterest.

I want to own a mini van someday.

Boomer Sooner.

Can I get this in camo?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Crockpot Cooking.

Caring is sharing. 

And because I am caring I sometimes share some great life tips I feel can be helpful to others... 

Like for example when cooking with a crockpot it's important to always make sure the crockpot is plugged in.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to make an easy crockpot recipe using my new crockpot.

I hadn't ever made anything in the crockpot before, but how hard could it be?

You just put a bunch of ingredients in and turn the knob to high and wait a few hours. Right?
Well sometimes you forget a step  like you know plugging the crock pot in.

30 Minutes after thinking my food had started cooking I checked and realized the crockpot was not getting warm....thats when I saw it was not actually plugged in. 

Little speed bump in the process to making Zesty Italian Cheesy Crockpot Chicken.

I found the recipe on pinterest and it fell into my few ingredients cooking rule so I gave it a go.

Chicken Breasts (2)
Cream of Chicken Soup (1)
Packet of Italian dressing mix (1)
6oz of Cream Cheese

The recipe called for more but I just cut some of it in half to make less.  Recipe source here.

It's pretty good you won't regret it.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

It's been a while...

Confessional Friday.
Does this still even exist?

I confess... 

I don't even like Starbucks.

I don't remember the last time I ate anything considered healthy.  Unless an orange counts?  It was a cutie so it wasn't even a full size orange anyway.

I haven't worked out in like 6 months and I don't even care nor have the desire to.

Since the cold front came through I have only worn leggings.  If it doesn't have elastic I'm not interested.

My idea of a great night lately is spending the night on the couch catching up on Vampire Diaries.

I don't wanna grow up.

I have only ordered ONE thing online since I moved in Aug, yes ONE.  I'm no longer an addict and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  

Today is a half Friday at work and I definitely think this should be a permanent thing not an every once and a while ordeal.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I just really love gifs.

When I talk to my parents...
 photo tumblr_mh1fdjWLw51qakcabo1_500.gif

When I participate in sports...
 photo tumblr_mequ1dqRkg1rf11kxo1_500.gif

When I hang out with people younger than me...
 photo tumblr_m6wecy00q21qdqlhzo1_500.gif

When I meet a new guy...
 photo tumblr_mij5ywZj9r1ql5yr7o1_400.gif

This week at work...
 photo tumblr_mubc8pFKdX1ql5yr7o1_r1_500.gif

When Mama C tells me I live in a fantasy world...
 photo tumblr_mop9fjKDGB1ql5yr7o1_500.gif

I just really enjoy a great gif.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Twenties Talk.

I would much rather go to class everyday. 

 Why is everyone getting engaged? 

 Did you see her ring?

 Is she really engaged before me? 

 What's Tinder? 

 She met him on Tinder?! 

 Should I get a Tinder? 

 I really love my job. 

 Spending your own money is hard. 

 Big kid world is rough. 

 Help me I'm poor. 

 I'm such a grandma now. 

 What was I thinking when I dated him? 

 We are like half way to 30. 

 Remember that time in College? 

 Let's just have girl's night.  photo sig-2.jpg

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sucks to suck.

My dear sweet friend DL brought to my attention that my blog sucks.
 photo tumblr_mop9fjKDGB1ql5yr7o1_500.gif
Whoop there it is.
He has a way with words what can I say?

Numero uno, no one asked you DL.

Two.  Well I don't really have a two.  My life is just so exciting these days the blogging material just isn't there.

I spend my days working.  Getting creeper facebook messages from guys wanting to get to know me because they really found my profile to interest them.
Evenings you can more than likely find me on the couch watching tv and pinning recipes and crafts with my roomie.
I know I should probably stop being so wild but Breaking Amish LA just sucks me in.
I like to be in bed at a decent time and by decent time I mean 9:30.  I like my sleep what can I say?

So excuse me if during all that excitement I haven't been producing great blog worthy posts.

And by the way....SUCK IT Johnathan because I am sure that even though my blog sucks you will be back to read more.

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